China Creating (HK) Ltd is one of the leading uniforms and premiums gift company in Hong Kong. We focus on fashion and uniforms manufacturing for many years and accumulated a lot of experiences. As our one stop concept, our clients can easily get the prefect goods by only giving his ideas. We have several productions lines with high control standard in order to assure the products quality.

UNIFORM KING is one of the famous uniform company which is a registered trademark. We started in 1998, providing professional uniforms order services. Unique designs, on time delivery, reliable products and our caring services made us be our clients favorite supplier in these years.

 We started up by producing t-shirt, jackets, hats, sportswear, different kinds of uniforms and other garments and fabric products.As we are expanding our business
 and due to our clients requested, we started to provide more different premiums gifts and services to our valued clients, such as environmental bags, leather goods, USB, coffee muds and over hundreds of goods for you to choose."Always be your partner" is our company spirit, that's make our products unique, presentable and personal.
In these recent years, there are more interaction between Hong Kong and mainland China, lots of companies setup branch in China too, thus we also setup company in China in order to serve our China customers, we also provide China delivery services, and we can also provide VAT for our clients if needed. We are very greatful to our customers support. We will keep working hard in different aspects in order to provide great services and products to our valued clients.